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Interim Chief Dave Pickett

On July 19, 2019, Chief Dan Brennan retired after 42 years of service in law enforcement and teh City will conduct a national search for a new Chief later this summer. While that process is underway, Division Chief Dave Pickett has been appointed Interim Chief. Pickett currently oversees the Support Services Division which includes Investigations, Evidence, Crime Analysis, Training  and Accreditation, and Records. Pickett began his career as a Patrol Officer in 1984 and soon became a Field Training Officer. As he worked his way through special assignments and the ranks of Sergeant and Commander, Pickett served 25 years on SWAT as well as during that time and for an additional five years, as a skills instructor.  Through his experience with the First Judicial District Critical Incident Response Team, Pickett has become a recognized expert in the area of officer involved shooting investigations. PIckett currently serves on the Leadership Jefferson County Steering Committee and leads the department's support for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers.

Annual Reports

Wheat Ridge Police Department Forms Community Advisory Committee

The Wheat Ridge Police Department (WRPD) is forming a Community Advisory Committee. Community members who live or work in Wheat Ridge are encouraged to apply for this new committee where participants have the opportunity to engage in open dialogue about the delivery of law enforcement services. Meetings will occur every two months in the evening.

Qualified committee members must have a broad knowledge of Wheat Ridge, the ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with people of diverse perspectives and experience, a commitment to improving police services in Wheat Ridge, the ability to be objective and open to learning about policing, and must reside or work in Wheat Ridge.

To apply:

Application print, complete and email or bring to WRPD

Office of the Chief

7500 W. 29th Ave, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

Application Fillable pdf  Complete and email to Office of the Chief

Wheat Ridge Goes Live with Jeffcom 911

Work began on the JeffCom 911 project two years ago with a steering committee. We reviewed a lot of options for consolidating our communications services in order to provide more efficient services while increasing the effectiveness of our response across the county. Many hours went into researching the best possible approach for serving the distinct needs of each of our communities.

Jeffcom 911 has been funded through an agreement with the Jefferson County Emergency Communications Authority (JCECA). The initial approved budget for this build-out effort was funded by JCECA. For 2018, the operating funding will fall within the agencies previously mentioned. No new taxes were levied upon residents to fund this effort.

The new communications center is located near the Lakewood City Center on Allison Parkway. The new Jeffcom 911 Center offers dispatchers the latest in communications technology. Jeffcom 911 will have a total of 136 dispatchers and at any given time 25-35 dispatchers will be on the floor. Many dispatchers are joining Jeffcom 911 from member agencies including ours, and all of the dispatchers are trained to provide excellent customer service to every caller, in all types of situations.

Non emergency numbers for each agency will remain active with systems in place to immediately transfer calls that truly are emergency to Jeffcom 911. Jeffcom 911 dispatchers are trained to direct 911 callers to either the specific agency for response or for answers. All of Jeffcom 911’s dispatchers receive consistent, standardized training. Jeffcom 911 is a primary 911 Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). This means that when a call is made to 911 in Jefferson County it will not be transferred to another agency. The information given to the 911 call taker will be immediately entered into a state-of-the-art computer assisted dispatch (CAD) system that will facilitate rapid dispatching of first responders to a location.

Public safety agencies assist each other on a daily basis and especially when a critical incident occurs. Jeffcom 911 will provide greater situational awareness for 911 call takers, fire/EMS and law enforcement dispatchers enhancing their ability to coordinate multi-agency responses.

While Wheat Ridge won’t go “live” with the new Jeffcom 911 Communications Center until this week, our communications staff began reporting to the new Jeffcom 911 organization in January. Please join me in congratulating our Communications Manager Chris Garramone and Dispatcher Jessica Kunz who will both serve in supervisory roles at the new center. Training on the new systems has been ongoing in order for the rollout to be seamless for those calling 911. Just as we have always responded to the needs of our community, that process will continue. People calling 911 for medical and other emergencies or to report a crime should not notice any difference in the response. Wheat Ridge Police will still respond to calls for service in our community.

We are excited to be a part of this new consolidated center that incorporates the latest in emergency services and mapping technologies with highly-trained dispatchers who will ensure that the best possible care is provided to the residents of Jefferson County as each call is handled as efficiently as possible. Residents should still do what they’ve always done when they need emergency assistance, call 911. The new Jeffcom 911 will send fire, police or emergency medical services based on the call which means WRPD will respond to calls from Wheat Ridge. Our non-emergency number will remain the same as 303-237-2220. Callers can press 1 and will be immediately tranferred to a Jeffcom 911 call taker if they have an emergency. The non-emergency number will also offer options for reaching departments within Wheat Ridge PD including Records, Investigations, Code Enforcement, Professional Standards, Traffic and Crime Prevention.   

While this consolidation has taken a lot of planning on behalf of the agencies involved, residents won’t see any changes in our response to an emergency, and don’t have to take any new action. When faced with an emergency situation that requires the police, fire department or an ambulance, call 911 and we’ll respond.


In addition to leading the department, the Chief of Police has direct oversight of the Professional Standards Unit, Emergency Management and the Public Information Officer. The Police Chief's primary responsibilities are to prepare and update policies and procedures; investigate complaints against police department employees, oversee the emergency management function; lead the recruitment and selection process; and represent the department in county, state and national law enforcement programs.

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