Greenbelt Projects

New Shade Shelters Installed

The City of Wheat Ridge received a matching grant from Jefferson County Open Space to add seven new 12' by 12' metal roof shade shelters along the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt. They span from about a mile west of Youngfield to just west of Johnson Park. The two shelters in the Greenbelt Conservation area will have crushed granite access from the trail and the other five located along the regional Clear Creek Trail will have concrete access from the trail. Each shelter has a 15' by 15' concrete pad and picnic tables will be installed at each beginning in early 2017.

All seven shelters and picnic tables are accessible and meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards. They have been strategically placed to not be in the flood plain or close to patches of poison ivy. In the future, a trash receptacle will be placed close to the more remotely located shelters. However, we encourage all trash be packed out due to wildlife in the area.


serve the Greenbelt Project

Since 2012, the Forestry and Open Space Division has been working in collaboration with the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES) to revive and preserve the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt!  This partnership has provided grants and on-the-ground assistance directing and connecting volunteer support, implementing strategic tree selection, planting and maintenance to restore and revitalize the Greenbelt and Clear Creek waterway.
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