Boards & Commissions

The City of Wheat Ridge is recruiting residents interested in participating in city government by volunteering on the city’s boards and commissions. Applications from interested residents must be submitted by December 22, 2017.

Positions are available for the following Board: (2) Renewal Wheat Ridge, At Large (term expires November 2022) – Renewal Wheat Ridge has the power to undertake urban renewal projects and execute contracts connected therewith; buy and sell property; dedicate property it owns for public projects; sue and be sued; enter property and buildings, with the consent of the owner, to undertake surveys or appraisals; condemn property or leases; borrow money; make appropriations and expenditures of its funds; invest its funds subject to certain restrictions; make reasonable relocation payments; contract with consultants or advisors to accomplish duties related to urban renewal. Members are appointed by the Mayor and ratified by City Council.

Please feel free to submit an application for any position, as it will be kept on file for one year.  Thank you for your interest in serving the Community and please contact me directly if I can help to answer any questions that you may have.  Please submit your application here, by mail or drop it off at the City Clerk's office, located at 7500 W. 29th Avenue. 

If you need further assistance, please contact Robin Eaton at 303-235-2816 or email
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